Friday, January 21, 2011

You Warm my Heart.

Another little 4 x 4 card. You do know you can get 4- 4x4" cards plus a 4" square out of a 12" piece of cardstock, right? You have to do a little math, but it works! Cut off a 4" strip (4x12), leaving a 12 x 8" piece. Cut into 4x8" strips. Cut the remaining piece 4 x 8". Cut some shape out of the leftover piece. LOL! That's what I usually do! Sorry, you probably already knew all that. This happens when one calculates quilt measurements in her sleep. Math. Who knew how handy it would be one day? Good thing I actually liked it in school!

Just a fun little card. No challenge. No reason. Just because you all warm my heart. And maybe b/c we have no snowmen in Texas. At least not in this part of Texas. Not REAL snowmen anyway.

Digi stamp from Clear Dollar stamps.

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