Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Cutie-Patooty 2 year old

My great niece Karis turned 2 last week. She is such a fun little girl. As her grandma said, "I thought Becky (Karis' mom) was intense as a child. Karis has her beat hands down!" She is a 100% kind of kid. She laughs with 100% of her body. She loves with 100% of her tenderness. She gets mad with 100% of her anger. I would say it's all or nothing with her, but it's always ALL! And she SO reminds me of my Natalie at that age. That is exactly how we described her. But Karis is her own person and not Natalie, Becky or anyone else. Every little curl of hair and sparkle in her eye is 100% Karis!

For her birthday I made her a matching dress and baby doll dress. I only got a picture of her dress. My niece-in-law Katie made the cutest tutu with matching wand and headband to look like Abby from Sesame Street. I've never seen Abby, but somehow my 13 year old knows about her. What does that child do when I'm asleep?

 Darling tutu by Katie! I told her to start an Etsy shop! See the bump in Becky's tummy? That's Moriah, my 4th great niece, due in January!

If you look closely, this side is a tiny bit different. There are buttons on the belt! 

Thanks to Becky and Natalie (aka Mini-Becky #1) for holding the dress. Not professional pics, but I think you get the idea of how cute little girl clothes are with these shots!

Happy Birthday Karis! We can't wait to see all the Lord has in store for you!

A Purse for Prison

A friend of mine, a minister's wife, needed a new bag to take to prison. Yes, it is true. I MIGHT be leaving out some details, though. She and her husband were taking a trip to California and going to tour Alcatraz. She MIGHT also do Prison ministry, as my niece does, so who knows, maybe the bag will be going to prison again.

She saw THIS purse on my Etsy site and liked the style, but wanted it bigger and in different colors:
She told me some of the shades she liked and we searched online (we live in different states) to find fabrics that reflected her style. That is part of the fun of making custom bags. While I would make all bags in bright fabrics and/or florals, not everyone likes that. This way I can design something to fit someone's tastes and it is one of a kind!

She also wanted a make-up bag and a mini bag to use as a coin purse. Here are the final products. My daughter is modeling the big bag.

Power cords and remote control not included in purchase. LOL!

Would you like a personalized Loribelle bag? Contact me!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's a Small World

A friend of mine ordered some Barbie clothes from me. That is, she asked me if I made Barbie clothes, and if she could send me some money to make some. I said, "Not if I don't have to" to the first question and "SURE" to the second one! Barbie is a small character. She's very small. Her clothes are very small. very very small

I was happy to do this, but got so caught up in what to make that it took me awhile to do this. I finished all but one dress that I still need to make. I had another outfit cut out, but my daughter & I both looked at it & decided it was UGLY fabric so I am tossing that one into the scrap bag. 

Here are the outfits that I sent. By the way, the "ugly" pants & shorts are for Ken. Men just don't get the pretty things. Except for Barbie. 

The following week I made an outfit for my precious great niece who turned 2 last week. I made her a matching doll outfit as well. You may think that sewing for a 2 year old means lots of little pieces. I am here to tell you that after working on very small clothes for Barbie, I felt like I was sewing for a giant rather than a 2 year old! Now I am cutting out some things for me as well as altering a pair of pj pants that didn't fit well that I made. Those clothes REALLY feel like they are for giants! I will post pictures of those when I have them all done. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog!