Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's a Small World

A friend of mine ordered some Barbie clothes from me. That is, she asked me if I made Barbie clothes, and if she could send me some money to make some. I said, "Not if I don't have to" to the first question and "SURE" to the second one! Barbie is a small character. She's very small. Her clothes are very small. very very small

I was happy to do this, but got so caught up in what to make that it took me awhile to do this. I finished all but one dress that I still need to make. I had another outfit cut out, but my daughter & I both looked at it & decided it was UGLY fabric so I am tossing that one into the scrap bag. 

Here are the outfits that I sent. By the way, the "ugly" pants & shorts are for Ken. Men just don't get the pretty things. Except for Barbie. 

The following week I made an outfit for my precious great niece who turned 2 last week. I made her a matching doll outfit as well. You may think that sewing for a 2 year old means lots of little pieces. I am here to tell you that after working on very small clothes for Barbie, I felt like I was sewing for a giant rather than a 2 year old! Now I am cutting out some things for me as well as altering a pair of pj pants that didn't fit well that I made. Those clothes REALLY feel like they are for giants! I will post pictures of those when I have them all done. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog!  

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