Monday, May 5, 2014

Dragon Fruit

Have you ever heard of Dragon Fruit? I hadn't. That is, I hadn't until I saw this color of dye. Then, I saw a picture of a fruit salad that included Dragon Fruit. I had to look at pictures because the fruit in the bowl looked nothing like the dye. Here's what I found online:

That "chocolate chip ice cream" look is what was in the fruit bowl.

This is how they grow.

Pretty pink!

I've used this color and LOVE the results. Two of my favorite dyed pieces use this. Here's my favorite batik I've made so far:
"Moss Rose" Batik

I saw a packet of seeds for Moss Roses in pink and yellow in a field of green grass and was inspired to make this piece. It's listed on my Etsy site for sale HERE

Then I shaped and dyed a piece without any wax resist. 
Dragon Fruit

I really think this is my favorite ever dyed fabric without the batik. The color is SO rich and didn't fade at all when I washed it. It's listed on Etsy HERE

More fabrics are listed there and I have more to list. Hoping to finish some purses soon to sell, too. The bills come faster than the money, so Mama's gotta earn something!

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