Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is it REALLY October?

Beautiful colored leaves drifting slowly from the trees to piles on the ground. A chill in the air requiring a sweater in the morning. Pumpkins for sale in all the stores.

In San Antonio we have one out of 3! The only "color" in our leaves is brown and a sweater is someone who goes out in the afternoon for a walk. Wait a minute & you'll get that. LOL!

My calendar tells me it's October, though, so I guess it is. I had a goal to be finished with ALL fall themed quilted/sewn items by the end of September to list on Etsy. I didn't make that deadline, so I've set a new one for October 15th. What isn't finished by then will wait til next summer when I will get things finished for the following end of September!

So far I have 2 items completed. Here are sneak peaks of those:
Please ignore any resemblance of a messy house around this table runner. Who knows what glimpses into our lives you might find there!

These pictures were before I added binding to the quilts. Those are completely finished and ready for me to photograph and list for sale.

I'm also working on a few turkey items. Some wall hangings & pillow covers. I decided to turn some of the projects into reusable slip covers for pillows because it seems silly to buy a new pillow for each season. By having changeable covers, you can make your home seasonal year round and save on storage space.

As soon as I hit my deadline OR finish the projects (whichever comes first), I will be working on Christmas items, both seasonal and gift related.

Some of you have asked if I would make some of the duffel bags like the ones I made Natalie:
YES! I have purchased several pieces of fabric to make some for selling on Etsy. I'll get there! : )

We've been told it COULD be getting cooler this weekend, with a high of 66. A friend asked if the numbers were just upside down! LOL! Hopefully it will FEEL like fall is here for a day. Though, I know that in Texas if you stick around long enough, it will be hot again.

Have a GREAT day and thanks for stopping by!