Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bells will be ringing

Wedding bells will be ringing, not for me, though! 22.5 years ago that happened. A dear friend's daughter is getting married and I was asked to make the dress. I'll show pictures after the wedding. It's a "hippie-boho" style (or so says the picture she showed me that we are recreating). I wouldn't call it hippie and I'm not sure what boho is, but there are no sparkles and it's almost all cotton! It's a fitted dress and let's just say she has shape. Dolly Parton-esque, you might say.

That's my project to finish this week. She's out of town and comes home Thursday, then leaves on the 19th for the wedding location----England! They will live there & he is English. Needless to say my needles will be flying before she does, so no blogging til this is done.

Ta-ta for now!