Friday, December 26, 2008

New Toys!

It's after 1:00 a.m. but I am so excited about my new toys that I had to blog it! My family gave me a gift card to Michael's (though I told them to spend ONLY a certain amount of money, they didn't listen, as usual! LOL!) and my mom-in-law gave us gift money for Christmas. So.....after at least 2 years, maybe more, of wanting to get a Provocraft Cuttlebug.....I didn't. Instead, I got a Sizzix Big Kick (like the Big Shot, but different colors). If you aren't into crafting and are wondering how you stumbled onto this blog, I can only help you with the first issue. Big Kick, Big Shot, and Cuttlebug are die cutting machines. They cut paper into shapes by rolling a "die," a piece of metal with sharp cutting edges in a certain shape, and a piece of paper through these heavy rollers. It's like a pasta roller for paper. In fact, before I had any die cut machine, I used my Kitchen Aid pasta roller attachment! For probably 3 years, I think, I have owned a little die cut machine called a zip'emate. Got it on ebay for $20, shipping included, b/c the machine was not going to be made anymore. It's done its job okay, but it can't do all I'd like it to do.

Today, armed with a gift card AND a half-off coupon (I was taking no chances on paying full price), and following a call to the nearest Michael's to ensure they had this machine, I strolled into the store and asked for one of these new machines! THEN, since it WAS on sale, I tossed in a Cropodile Big Bite (it punches holes and sets eyelets). As if this weren't enough excitement, I found HUGE skeins of cotton yarn marked down, some smaller ones marked down, and a skein of brown yarn marked down. I plan to crochet a little toy football for a nearly one year old who lives down the street, so tossed in that last skein!

I have now made 2 reusable covers for the sweepers you can buy. Not sure I can use the actual name, but it rhymes with Biffer! I plan to have some available for sale soon. I also have made loopy reusable covers for the duster by the same company. This makes these ingenious little "brops" or "mooms" (broom/mop) and dusters even more friendly: easy on the back and easy on the budget with no buying those disposable refills. Just use this, toss it in the washer and use again! I will attempt making some with nylon netting in them, for scrubbing up sticky messes. Pictures will have to wait til we get to our house. We are at my mother-in-law's right now.

Can't wait to play with my new toys and get some pictures uploaded soon for you!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cards COMPLETED!

That title is misleading. My Christmas cards to sell on ebay are completed. I would have liked to do have done more, but as it was I was sneaking these in just in time to get them sold & sent out by Christmas. I've been "studying" cards on ebay to see what people like to buy. It seems if you put LOTS of detail on the card and sew all over it, then it is more likely to sell. I'd like to make some with less time consumed in making them to list on webstore. I've decided that stitching on cards is a bit more challenging than fabric in that every little micrometer you don't sew perfectly straight shows up. Also, I now have a cheap sewing machine that has just a handful of stitch options. They are meant to be functional, not beautiful, but I suppose to the non-seamstress they just look like variety! LOL! I think straight stitching & simple zigzag works better than the hem stitching (that's the one with a few straight stitches, then a V shaped stitch).

Next in the crafting world, I need to stuff some potscrubbers full of netting and get them mailed. I hope to work on some gifts for the girls' friends soon. THEN I might get to start my Christmas cards to send out! More likely, New Year's cards.

Hope you enjoy seeing these cards! If you are interested in purchasing these, my ebay username is benaphlag.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pot Scrubbers & Recipe Boxes

It's been a busy week...busy month....busy our house. I am crocheting pot scrubbers as quickly as my little fingers (or long fingers, actually) will allow me. I bought something today that I was sure would be a huge benefit to my crocheting & ease any hand stress I get while crocheting. It was a Provocraft Ergonomic Crochet Kit. I've always loved everything I've bought from Provocraft. Notice that's past tense. This item was NOT made for me. I must hold my hook the wrong way to start with because none of the 4 different grip styles worked for me on this contraption. The good news is I'll be going back to Jo Ann's & getting money back in my bank account! I decided I'll just try wrapping some tape around my hook & then slipping on a pencil grip.

I have some Recipe Boxes to decorate & am itching to do this. I hope to make one or two in the next few days and get those posted for you to see.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend!