Friday, July 20, 2012

Cute-o-meter is on the rise!

Cute, yes? A birthday gift for my oldest great niece, Emery. She is 3 years old today! Aunt Lori the Great (I gave myself a great aunt name, like a Grandma name) is ever so slow at getting things done. Emery's quilt from last year still hasn't been quilted. I waited until today to decide what to make and bought fabric and trimmings today. I actually made this apron & hat in about 2 hours from start to finish! It does cause the cute-o-meter to rise, but tomorrow when Emery and her 3 cousins are together (all girls so far, ages almost 2, 7 months and 3 months), the cute-o-meter might just break with cuteness!
 Look! It's reversible!
 Matching Chef's Hat

 It looks big, so I added some ribbon that can be tied tighter to make the hat fit better. Yes, I am hoping to have another family member who loves to cook!

Hopefully will have time to update with more fun things I'm working on soon. Just had to share this! I'll take pictures tomorrow and share those!

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