Monday, August 29, 2011

Items listed and Quilt Tops finished!

Today I listed the patriotic rag quilt on Etsy along with a set of hot pads/trivets. I have a few more sets to list of those.


I also finished a quilt top and took pictures of another quilt top I finished the other day. This is the one that I did a "mock up" of in Photoshop several months ago. I finally got it all put together. I think it needs a border before I quilt it. I don't think I have more of the fabric I used for sashing, though.

Do you love the little netbook on top of the ironing board? We are such nerds that we often have it on while watching a movie because inevitably someone will ask, "Who is playing that part?" The hunt begins and leads down a winding road of all sorts of useless info!

I'm almost done with a 3rd. Now the fun part begins: Quilting!

Natalie thinks she might want this one for her new bedspread. I do know whether she does or doesn't I'll be keeping this one with the Amy Butler fabrics in it.
Now to feed my family. I decided to cook 3 types of meat at once tonight so I only had to have the oven on once this week. Should be enough to last all week & then some. Thank the Lord for food to eat when our pennies are pinched way too tight!

Ta ta for now!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New items to list on Etsy

Here are some quick shots of the things I need to list on Etsy. Need to take good pics of the quilt & edit the ones of the hot pads/trivets.

Will update when I have them on Etsy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pink Bags!

Last year when I started making things for my craft fairs, I found some Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon fabric to use. I made a few things with it and had quite a bit still in my stash. My dear friend Kathy was right in the middle of chemo for her breast cancer, following surgery, so we were totally absorbed in all things PINK! When I looked through a book by  Amy Butler called Style Stitches, a book full of patterns and how-to's for making bags, I wanted to try this Teardrop style bag. The little key keeper bag is a similar style, so I decided to make both sizes of purses and a little coin bag to go with them.

Both of the purses have long handles. When I find my over the door hanger I'll take some better pics showing the handles. There is a large slip pocket inside of each bag, too. The purses have a magnetic snap top. The large one will have either a bow or rosette on the front. That's because my iron got a little heat happy and smudged a bit where the magnets are. UGH! It doesn't effect the strength of the fabric, just the looks. So, the purse will get an extra detail! The little bag has a tiny loop on it so you could use a latch or split key ring to attach your keys or attach the little bag to a bigger one. It also has a slip pocket on the inside.

While I used the same main fabric on all 3, each of the coordinating pink colors is slightly different. The small purse (with the strap), has a mottled bright pink fabric as the handle and band. The large purse and the key keeper each have a solid pink, but slightly different in shade, as the band (and handle on the purse). The 3 shades of pink do still coordinate so this could be given as a set.

With October coming quickly, a month when we remember those with breast cancer and make an effort to find more ways to end this horrible disease, maybe you know someone who might be cheered up with a purse reminding her that we are fighting for her life! I'll be adding these to my Etsy store soon, but if you are interested in purchasing one before that, let me know.

Have a super day!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Potato Baking Bags on Etsy!

I've listed several of the Amazing Potato (and more) bags on my etsy site! I can make these in any 100% cotton fabric. I just had a few left from the craft fairs in the styles shown. I will be listing more things next week. I love referrals & would love for you to pass my blog and etsy sites along to anyone who might be interested in my items! Thanks!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Do I still have a few readers out in blog land? Life has just stayed busy here. I wanted to let you know I really want to build up my Etsy shop. I have so many projects that I've started & need to finish. I also have set a goal to complete 1 or 2 bags/purses per week. It may be for the shop, may be custom orders, or may be for myself. I just need to be consistent. I'm feeling like I should complete some things I've started, yet it is hard as some are seasonal, but not THIS season. I'm still working on a patriotic rag quilt. I want to get it done, but I'm not sure who will be looking for such a thing this time of year. I would like to get started on some Fall and Christmas type projects to sell. I have little things that I sold at Craft Fairs. I am not sure how well they would sell on Etsy. I may just list them here instead.

I said last year I was going to have a big giveaway, but I never did. That is something I want to do. However, I really want my blog and my Etsy shop up to date before I do that. I'd like to put a gallery on my blog. I need some help doing that, so will hunt for a tutorial. If any of you have done this on your blog, feel free to share how to do that. I don't want the type where the pictures move across the screen b/c it takes so long to load, even on my high speed internet enabled computer.

If you own a Loribelle Bag, I will soon be sending you a note asking for some help in spreading the word about my business. Again, I want to have more in stock and an updated blog when I do that.

Right now I am just sweatin' like an oldie (LOL!) in our unbelievable heat. The summer of window units in our house has left me really missing central air! At least the unit in the craft room keeps me comfortable when I sew.

Thanks for stopping by today. I'll be updating things soon, I hope!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Reversible Table Runner

Click on any picture to enlarge
Do you like multi-functional items? If I've shared this story before, just humor me and pretend I haven't. LOL! At my mom's house, she has placemats that my mother-in-law made for her with a Thanksgiving print on one side and a Christmas print on the other. We have started a silly annual tradition for Thanksgiving night or the day after when several of us are at the table. It's the changing of the placemats. We count to three and welcome in the Christmas season! That, and we put up my parents' tree and help Mom decorate it. 

I took that idea and used it with this table runner. Beautiful fall and Christmas prints are so hard for me to resist. This is a way to showcase these fabrics instead of having them cut into small pieces for quilts. I've taken the fabrics, lined them with a batting to protect your table and also act as a "hot pad." I used a large grid quilting design in green to coordinate the two sides. 
This table runner is listed on my Etsy site along with my other items for sale. I'd love for you to share my blog and my site with a friend who might enjoy my items! Thanks!