Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pink Bags!

Last year when I started making things for my craft fairs, I found some Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon fabric to use. I made a few things with it and had quite a bit still in my stash. My dear friend Kathy was right in the middle of chemo for her breast cancer, following surgery, so we were totally absorbed in all things PINK! When I looked through a book by  Amy Butler called Style Stitches, a book full of patterns and how-to's for making bags, I wanted to try this Teardrop style bag. The little key keeper bag is a similar style, so I decided to make both sizes of purses and a little coin bag to go with them.

Both of the purses have long handles. When I find my over the door hanger I'll take some better pics showing the handles. There is a large slip pocket inside of each bag, too. The purses have a magnetic snap top. The large one will have either a bow or rosette on the front. That's because my iron got a little heat happy and smudged a bit where the magnets are. UGH! It doesn't effect the strength of the fabric, just the looks. So, the purse will get an extra detail! The little bag has a tiny loop on it so you could use a latch or split key ring to attach your keys or attach the little bag to a bigger one. It also has a slip pocket on the inside.

While I used the same main fabric on all 3, each of the coordinating pink colors is slightly different. The small purse (with the strap), has a mottled bright pink fabric as the handle and band. The large purse and the key keeper each have a solid pink, but slightly different in shade, as the band (and handle on the purse). The 3 shades of pink do still coordinate so this could be given as a set.

With October coming quickly, a month when we remember those with breast cancer and make an effort to find more ways to end this horrible disease, maybe you know someone who might be cheered up with a purse reminding her that we are fighting for her life! I'll be adding these to my Etsy store soon, but if you are interested in purchasing one before that, let me know.

Have a super day!

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