Monday, August 29, 2011

Items listed and Quilt Tops finished!

Today I listed the patriotic rag quilt on Etsy along with a set of hot pads/trivets. I have a few more sets to list of those.


I also finished a quilt top and took pictures of another quilt top I finished the other day. This is the one that I did a "mock up" of in Photoshop several months ago. I finally got it all put together. I think it needs a border before I quilt it. I don't think I have more of the fabric I used for sashing, though.

Do you love the little netbook on top of the ironing board? We are such nerds that we often have it on while watching a movie because inevitably someone will ask, "Who is playing that part?" The hunt begins and leads down a winding road of all sorts of useless info!

I'm almost done with a 3rd. Now the fun part begins: Quilting!

Natalie thinks she might want this one for her new bedspread. I do know whether she does or doesn't I'll be keeping this one with the Amy Butler fabrics in it.
Now to feed my family. I decided to cook 3 types of meat at once tonight so I only had to have the oven on once this week. Should be enough to last all week & then some. Thank the Lord for food to eat when our pennies are pinched way too tight!

Ta ta for now!

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