Friday, December 26, 2008

New Toys!

It's after 1:00 a.m. but I am so excited about my new toys that I had to blog it! My family gave me a gift card to Michael's (though I told them to spend ONLY a certain amount of money, they didn't listen, as usual! LOL!) and my mom-in-law gave us gift money for Christmas. So.....after at least 2 years, maybe more, of wanting to get a Provocraft Cuttlebug.....I didn't. Instead, I got a Sizzix Big Kick (like the Big Shot, but different colors). If you aren't into crafting and are wondering how you stumbled onto this blog, I can only help you with the first issue. Big Kick, Big Shot, and Cuttlebug are die cutting machines. They cut paper into shapes by rolling a "die," a piece of metal with sharp cutting edges in a certain shape, and a piece of paper through these heavy rollers. It's like a pasta roller for paper. In fact, before I had any die cut machine, I used my Kitchen Aid pasta roller attachment! For probably 3 years, I think, I have owned a little die cut machine called a zip'emate. Got it on ebay for $20, shipping included, b/c the machine was not going to be made anymore. It's done its job okay, but it can't do all I'd like it to do.

Today, armed with a gift card AND a half-off coupon (I was taking no chances on paying full price), and following a call to the nearest Michael's to ensure they had this machine, I strolled into the store and asked for one of these new machines! THEN, since it WAS on sale, I tossed in a Cropodile Big Bite (it punches holes and sets eyelets). As if this weren't enough excitement, I found HUGE skeins of cotton yarn marked down, some smaller ones marked down, and a skein of brown yarn marked down. I plan to crochet a little toy football for a nearly one year old who lives down the street, so tossed in that last skein!

I have now made 2 reusable covers for the sweepers you can buy. Not sure I can use the actual name, but it rhymes with Biffer! I plan to have some available for sale soon. I also have made loopy reusable covers for the duster by the same company. This makes these ingenious little "brops" or "mooms" (broom/mop) and dusters even more friendly: easy on the back and easy on the budget with no buying those disposable refills. Just use this, toss it in the washer and use again! I will attempt making some with nylon netting in them, for scrubbing up sticky messes. Pictures will have to wait til we get to our house. We are at my mother-in-law's right now.

Can't wait to play with my new toys and get some pictures uploaded soon for you!

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BethH said...

Well, what a great shopping spree!!! And, yo just let me know when you get some biffer covers made..I'll need a few!!! :)They are for the mop where the bottle goes in the handle right??