Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Purse for Prison

A friend of mine, a minister's wife, needed a new bag to take to prison. Yes, it is true. I MIGHT be leaving out some details, though. She and her husband were taking a trip to California and going to tour Alcatraz. She MIGHT also do Prison ministry, as my niece does, so who knows, maybe the bag will be going to prison again.

She saw THIS purse on my Etsy site and liked the style, but wanted it bigger and in different colors:
She told me some of the shades she liked and we searched online (we live in different states) to find fabrics that reflected her style. That is part of the fun of making custom bags. While I would make all bags in bright fabrics and/or florals, not everyone likes that. This way I can design something to fit someone's tastes and it is one of a kind!

She also wanted a make-up bag and a mini bag to use as a coin purse. Here are the final products. My daughter is modeling the big bag.

Power cords and remote control not included in purchase. LOL!

Would you like a personalized Loribelle bag? Contact me!

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