Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I do when I'm not in bed with infections & kidney stones

That's an awfully long title! I didn't want to just put, "What I do when I'm not in bed," because it COULD be taken the wrong way. Multiple wrong ways. So you get the whole shabang.

Since I've been homebound, and not exactly in the position to be moving furniture & boxes to clean my pig pen, I mean house, I've been browsing quilting websites. Apparently there is a whole classification to these bold bright colors and styles I'm drawn to (yes, it's bad grammar---I'm in Texas, it's okay). It's Modern Quilting. I've heard of Quilt Guilds in the past. When I heard the word, I immediately pictured Aunt Bea in my head. You know, Mayberry? Andy Griffith? Oh, some of you are SO young! Small town in the 1950's. In the South. Grannies gathered around a quilt which they would then give away to some needy organization. It would be a grand proceeding of pious do-gooders being praised for all their good work. Now WAIT, don't judge me yet. I have NO idea what a Quilt Guild does! That's just what the WORDS make me think of!

I'm guessing that the Traditional Quilt Guilds probably were really lovely ladies who got together & made quilts the traditional way. They probably had fun quilting bees. That was there "Ladies Night Out" (or day out as the case may be). They probably had a few babies there, some preschoolers running around, and big kids were in school. Don't you just know that someone brought their Grandma's coffee cake and everyone asked for the recipe? They helped each other and got to "share concerns" about their neighbors. And Aunt Bea may not have been there.

Here is what I've learned recently. There are Modern Quilt Guilds. These gals get together & make some amazing quilts and quilted items out of the most luscious fabrics. Oh, look, I just found the home of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild! I'm not likely to join this b/c of time constraints and reality. I DO have a house I NEED to clean and I AM homeschooling my lovely daughters. AND since I can't seem to stay well long enough to accomplish most of that, trying to fit in an outside activity just wouldn't fly. Still, the stuff they make just wows me. I guess it's that "last born rebel" part of me. I am SO not a rebel in many areas. I'm probably in that group of "Pious do-gooders" by some standards. I do love the Lord & hope I am following Him in all I do and what people see, which means little classic rebellion. Quilts? I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't create the Quilt Police, so I'm good with new & different!

On to my projects. I'm about finished with a bag for Natalie & will post pics when I'm done. Right now I have a bunch of squares cut out to make Bethany a "Rag Bag". She has told me she doesn't like the quilted look. She doesn't want a quilt. But, she liked the Rag Bag I made & sold (without taking a picture), so I'm making her one. She picked all the fabrics & arranged them. The blank pieces will be filled in with a new one we bought. The first section is a side strip, front (9 square block) and the next side strip. The next section is the back. Then we realized we needed more for the bottom. I've got a bunch of random ones for the inside. She wanted to be sure it was fairly random, NOT a pattern. Guess she's a rebel, too. LOL!

Next is some fabric I've just cut out. This isn't the REAL fabric cut out. This is something I did in Photoshop using images of the fabrics to do a layout. I did just cut out all my fabrics & am anxious to start!

The pattern is from Quick Quilts from last summer.

I need to cut out & make some little doll dresses for our American Girl class at co-op. One of the girls said, "Miss Lori, my doll is SHIVERING without a dress!" LOL!

And at THIS moment while I'm not in bed with an infection or trying to pass a kidney stone, I need to go clean a baking stone & make some King Ranch Chicken.


Peggysuez said...

You don't want her shivering without a dress, that's for certain! Hope you feel better soon!

Lisa Lara said...

Hi sweet Lori. i am so sorry you have been down with ailments. I know that is not fun. I grow kidney stones too and they are icky!!! Feeling for you . Big hugs, Lisa