Friday, January 21, 2011

Herbs of Life

Another wonderful Doodle Pantry Image, Rosemary. I love Rosemary. I have grown it but don't have a plant right now. I'd love to plant some in a huge pot by my front door so I can brush against it every time I walk by it. Since I live in a semi-tropical climate (that sounds so much better than it's hotter than all get out half the year), rosemary grows well and I've noticed is often used as shrubbery around here. I HAVE to stop & brush my hand on it or maybe pick off one little leaf to smell. It's an addiction, but I'm sure I could do worse. LOL!

I used the CPS sketch challenge for this card. Here's the original sketch.

I love that with sketch challenges you can take the basic design and create something unique. Every card made with the sketch is different, yet they all have the same basic design. That could lead me to something deep & thoughtful, but it's late, so we'll just leave it at that.

I'm learning with printing my digis on my laser printer that I have to remember to set it to cardstock or I get a "wimpy" image. That happened here, but for watercoloring, I thought it would be okay. The next time I printed I did remember to do that.

If you're wondering how to get a laser printer free, just marry a man who wants to be a pilot. He'll follow that dream, take you to Africa for year after 6 years of preparing, come back to the states, work with planes, then go back to school to learn about computers. Then he'll work at places that throw away perfectly good----um, okay, maybe not so perfect, but fixable----computer parts. It's like stray puppies, but it's computer parts. I don't complain. I find that stray stamps and fabrics follow me home. And if you give a mouse a cookie....

Stamps: Doodle Pantry Rosemary
Paper: Watercolor paper (printed on my laser printer), dp---hmmm, I THINK Webster's pages
Other stuff: watercolor crayons, aquabrush, nesties, Martha Stewart punch (wasn't it nice of her to share it with me?)

Wishing you a flavorful day full of wonderful aromas!

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Grace said...

Love your card and your post about it. The softness of the watercoloring is beautiful with this image!