Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year, A New Passion

Happy 2011! As you know, I've been MIA often on my blog. My daughter Natalie has held down the blog with her cards. Life just seems so full. I WANT to get out my paper goods and start creating. I just need to do it! Oh, wait, now I remember, I also need time & space. Soon, I hope.

In the title I put "A New Passion." It's not entirely new, but lately I have been obsessed (or bosessed as my fingers want to type) with quilts, especially easy to make but with gorgeous fabric. I'll take pictures soon of some of the fabrics I've purchased recently to start my adventure. For now I'll show you a few clips from online of what I've found. Hope you enjoy!

Some of the designs I'm toying with are these:
It's called Love Letters by Anna Maria Horner & the pattern is free online.

One of Amy Butler's quilts. I just love the bold color combos. Kind of funny as I also love sweet pink rose quilts in traditional patterns.

If you can see the quilt on this magazine, I've got some brights (not the ones shown, but I do love them) in mainly pink & orange to make this.
I discovered a lady named Bari J. Ackerman in a quilting magazine last year & had to find her online. Her first line of fabric was called Full Bloom and the first 2 fabrics shown above are from that line. This is the quilt from her blog that I'd like to make. I won't be able to use all her fabrics in it, but I'm finding that they blend well with many other fabrics. Sadly, cost IS a factor in buying fabric. If you click on the link above you can see her work and some of the newer fabric lines she's developed. I get a kick out of reading any time she writes of her daughters b/c they are the same ages as my girls & I can so relate to what she says!

I know, if I can't even get a card made, how will I make a quilt? Well, I figure I can keep the fabric stacked in the sewing room & I don't have to pull out stamps and cutting tools, just my handy dandy machine that's already set up. At least to piece it together. The quilting part, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. If I can't be the next Pioneer Woman (you'll have to see my blog post on my family blog HERE), maybe I can be the next Quilt Woman! LOL!

First, though, I have a bag to make for a friend who has ordered it & been waiting. I have a rag quilt for my daughter who has been waiting. I have a bag to cut out & make my other daughter. And then there is that little matter of homeschooling.

For now I will dream of beautiful colors wrapping us all in warmth!


BethH said...

There are such pretty colors and fabrics out there,eh?? So pretty! I bet you will be quilting bags before you know it! Beautiful ideas, Lori. You go for it!!! Quilt away and hope Nat feels better.

Katie Renz said...


Just wanted to say "thanks". Love fabric...