Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sticky fingers

This upper respiratory crud wiped me out on Wed. so I didn't get much done. I am finding that, unlike my PC business, which I can't really do much of when I'm sick, there ARE things I can do in the craft realm. I uploaded stuff to Etsy as I posted. I've cut out the paper patterns so I can be ready to cut fabric. I hate cutting out patterns, especially the initial cutting them apart from those HUGE pieces of tissue. Cutting out fabric isn't as bad, but my favorite part is running it through the sewing machine and seeing something made out of pieces!

Tonight I got inky and sticky. I didn't finish a card, so nothing to post, but I stamped & colored & cut & paste! I also used flock for the first time successfully. I tried several years ago with Heat & Stick, but could not figure it out. Little did I know glue would work! Last Christmas season I bought some little packs of flock at Hobby Lobby (you know, their really cheap stuff on sale for 50% off). I used it tonight. Now I am feeling sticky & flocked!

Will try to finish something & post later today.

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peggysue said...

Well I'll be very interested to see your card then because I never have had success with flock. And you know when at first you don't succeed you . . . buy a different color of flock because that WILL help. um, no. :)