Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loribelle's Bags----Debut Bag: The Peggysue

Introducing Loribelle's Bags, a division of Chef Mama's Crafts

Okay, get up off the floor. I know it's a pretty funny way to introduce my bags, but it also has some truth in it. My friend 'Miss Iowa 1981' on Splitcoaststampers has affectionately nicknamed me "Loribelle." I guess I throw in enough "y'alls" to be the "Belle" of the south. One of my uncles and another friend used to call me Loribelle, too. My daughter Natalie & I both thought it would be a cute name for my totes & purses. So, thank you to Miss I & Uncle Ken! : )

I am THRILLED with this bag. There is one more step (adding a slider to make this an adjustable strap), but it is basically finished and it went together so easily. This bag belongs to Peggysue, so I've named it (now this is really genius): The Peggysue Bag. Let me take you on a tour of this Hobo Purse (though I suspect Peggysue is not a hobo).

This is the body of the purse. I lightened the picture so you could see the paisley better (threw that in for my dork friend Karen who HATES paisley!).

Here you can see the strap. It's pretty long. As mentioned, I'll add a slider to it so the strap is adjustable. I thought about shortening the strap, but with a long strap, if Peggysue needs to wear it across her body like a sling bag, she can do that. Or rope cattle. I hear she's quite fond of cows.

One side has slip pockets inside. My friend Traci is getting this style bag and asked for a pocket to fit her cell phone. I decided to make it a 3 pocket section: cell phone, one slightly skinnier section, then a section designed for Peggysue, a writer by trade, a very skinny slot for a pen! I'm pretty sure stamps would fit in those pockets and a marker could go in the pen spot.

I put in a larger zipper than in the tacky green purse. This will easily fit a full sized billfold or a bunch of receipts, depending on who is using it.
Not sure if you can see how deep the pocket is in this shot, but trust me, it is. You also can't see damaged fingers in this picture. Sewing is quite dangerous, you see.

I am just thrilled with this purse and hope Peggysue will enjoy it, too! I'll be assembling another purse tomorrow, and hope to get some cards made as well.

Have a great weekend!


Miss Iowa said...

Does this mean I get a percentage of any profits? ;)

I think the name is awesome and your debut bag is gorgeous. I know that Peggysue will love it.

Scrappin' Kat Woman said...

Loribelle, this is gorgeous! Love it! I'm so glad I'm getting one of my very own!

Hugs 'n' more hugs!


Linda Borneman said...

Hi Lori! Wow! You designer bag lady! Loribelle is a fantastic name for your bags...and this PeggySue debut is just awesome Lori! Love all the details and especially those pockets! Gotta have pockets! Great job!

Traci M said...

Just beautiful LoriBelle...I like the name and the looks wonderful and with lots of good details added.
We'll all love it, I'm sure!

BethH said...

I love this! it's wonderful and I love the colors..paisleys and all! :) Great job and the details with the pockets, etc...are amazing!

Toni said...

oh lori...this purse is amazing and i am so proud of you. your talent never ceases to knock my socks off...PS will love this.

i think for your next original design Loribelle...should be called the Dutchess....and i will get one of those.

Katie Renz said...

Very cute Lori and love the name.

Laurie tx stamper said...

WOW! You are a master sewer! What a cool purse! I agree withh Linda, pockets are awesome! Cute name too!

peggysue said...

wow, this purse is amazing! And what a great name it has too! That alone is sure to make it a best seller! :) I love it, love it, love it and haven't even seen it in person yet! Sending long distance smooches on the hurt finger. Thank you for wounding yourself on behalf of the purse making enterprise, hopefully that is the one an only time you'll take a hit in the finger for the cause of sewing.

Lisa Lara said...

Wow! So you are more than just paper crafty. What lovely bag. That inside is well done. Thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog. I have a sore throat and am resting. Thank you for asking. I am glad YOU are on the mend. Right?

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Lori, I just wanted to congratulate you on being the winner of the monthly blog candy over at MMSC. Please contact Priscilla at to give her your contact information. You have 3 days to claim your prize, otherwise Priscilla will have to draw another name!
Enjoy your goodies!