Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quilted fabrics

I just wanted to show you the fabrics I've quilted. The first three went along pretty well, but I got frustrated with the last one last night. Today it doesn't seem as bad as it did last night, so maybe I will use it after all. This is what happens when your mother is a perfectionist in sewing & makes you into one by having you rip out seams if they aren't perfect. You should have seen me making my wedding dress!

3 of these are spoken for. In fact, one of them may have 2 interested in it, so I may get more of that. I think they are all lovely fabrics.

Peggysue's Bag!

Still available. Green and Burgundy Paisley Floral seeks purse-loving woman to share a long relationship. Enjoys holding lipstick and hanging on shoulder. Call 555-BAGS for more info. LOL!

Grace loves this teal floral for her backpack!

And, this is supposed to be Traci's fabric. It's the one I thought puckered too much. Hmmm, maybe THIS one thought it was in a relationship already & was all puckered up.
If you click on this to enlarge, you can see the puckers. I think it's too puckered to use, but let me know what you think. I'd like input on this new venture.

I'm loving the fabrics. It's the same feeling as finding a nice piece of scrapbook paper that you want to buy 5 of: 1 to use & 4 to save in case you can't find it again. ha-ha!


Karen Lynn said...

I don't see what you see with the puckering, but then again I don't sew!
I have to say, paisleys? really?
Not liking it!
okay before other readers think I am terrible and insensitive, Lori knows I HATE paisleys. It's a joke between us.

Scrappin' Kat Woman said...

Lori, my dear, I think the fabric looks great on the paisley. Even if the quilting on it seems more pronounced, which I do not see, it is an asset to the bag, making it a fabulous one-of-a-kind designer creation that no-one else has or can get!

Traci M said...

Lori, I trust your sewing expertise and pucker power for this one! looks pretty good to me here. And I love paisleys.

ashjoy said...

I'm lovin' that pink paisley. So you machine sewn all of that quilting or did it come that way? Sorry I'm confused still! or always....