Friday, September 18, 2009

The Bag Lady and Sewing on Cards

I'm turning into a bag lady. That is, I'm going to make bags. Totes & purses, actually. Well, also some make-up bags & such. I saw how much people like a certain brand of bags. I cannot copy hers or use her fabric. I can, however, buy fabric & a pattern & sell MY bags. I'm quilting the fabric myself (by machine). I borrowed my mom's fancy sewing machine to get that part done. My old one that did lots of tricks died quite some time ago and I bought an inexpensive Janome. I like it for basic sewing, but for this type work, I wanted something with more oomph and some special attachments. I'll try to take pics of the machine & my quilted pieces later. I thought I'd show you some of the fabric I bought to start these bags. I was oohing & ahhhhing over the fabrics just as we stampers do over paper. My friend Kathy & I frequently look at clothing and say, "Wouldn't that make pretty scrapbook paper?" Truth be told, I once scanned a pair of my dd's panties to see if I could make paper out of it. LOL!

Okay, now the goods:

In all the pictures, there are 2 fabrics. The large print is the main fabric & the smaller print is contrast (straps, pockets, etc.). I have solid fabric for the lining.

These two pictures are of the same fabric. I was trying the no flash vs. flash in these. I suspect if I'd take pictures at a normal time of day & not 1 a.m. or something I'd get better light! The darker picture shows the true colors, but the light one is clearer.

I think this is the one my friend Traci wants her purse made out of. I keep getting confused. Leave it to a dork to do that!

This is a lovely teal/brown/ivory fabric with gold accents.

Some burgundy shades, followed by closer shots of them.
Again, you have a blurry shot but true colors.

Tomorrow I'll try to get pics of the purses in progress.

My CDS cards are still a work in progress. I have one all set to go & when I tried sewing, it didn't go well. I sewed pink on pink but it was such a good match you can't see the stitching! Then, I tried stitching around a circle with fancy stitches & just ruined my main image. I'll have to go restamp & color that one & try again. I have such a fun project I'm doing with the Tea set. I don't know that this has ever been done with Clear Dollar stamps. I hope to work on that tomorrow & will complete it this weekend.

Remember, it is time for a weekend color challenge with Clear Dollar Stamps. Just click HERE. Wow, the colors are SO cool this time! Go check out Lisa's color challenge!

I'll be back soon!

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Traci M said...

Lori, so you're a bag lady now, huh? I do like the first blue fabric the best, you are right. It'll be fun to see all your fun projects you make!