Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bless You!

Aren't these cute? They are little tissue pack holders for the travel pack tissues. Those are the kind my smart mom always has with her. On the other hand we usually have a clunky box of tissues in the car, smooshed and mangled, under the seat and inaccessible, or more often we have no tissues at all in the car or in my purse. With this little holder, I should remember to keep it full! I'm also going to make some with elastic straps to attach to your car's visor. Now THAT is a smart idea I found!

These are for sale in my Etsy shop at

Thanks for coming by. Bless you!


BethH said...

Adorable!!!! I really like these! Cute, you need to make a holder for the big tissue boxes in the car. Ours is no longer a box but a mangled tube keeping all the tissues from sort of flying all over the van. LOL!

Karen Lynn said...

Pasleys again? My goodness girl is that the only fabric you have?? (:

ashjoy said...

These took me forever to find! I must be a dork! They are awesome. You are so crafty!