Saturday, February 19, 2011

While I was sleeping

If you are reading my blog, you are probably either a family member or a friend, so you probably already know that I've been sleeping a lot lately. Drug induced. Um, let me clarify. I had kidney stones. HAD. Past tense! Praise God for the Past Tense! I've had pain and other "lovely" symptoms since October. They started the very weekend my dear friend Linda went to the ICU after her last chemo treatment. I miss her so much.

The pain got worse in the past month, so I was in the ER on January 22nd and was diagnosed with FOUR kidney stones. 2 were "on their way out" and I was sent home to let them pass. With a bottle of Lortab (hydrocodone, vicodin---my rx was for Lortab, which I find special since it contains most of my name). Saw the urologist, had scans done. Those stones were stuck. STUCK. Not moving. I didn't have nice thoughts about the doctor who'd told the ER docs to send me home to wait. It was too late for the Star Trek laser treatment to break them up, so I had to just wait to go to the hospital for minor surgery/procedure. That was on Valentine's Day. I am free of the "twins" (the ones on the left side). I passed a piece of a stone on the right side. I went to the ER one more time before surgery. I like Dilaudid. Just sayin'. I've had lots of meds to make me sleepy the past few weeks. Really, to take the pain away. Sleep is just an added bonus. Not that I need help with that, but it's nice to get to do it per doctor's orders!

While I was sleeping my girls were being who they are and doing their own creative stuff. I have some "before I was sleeping" stuff to post later, but for now, enjoy the "while I was sleeping" part.

Natalie had homework from her geometry class. She had to cut out these 3-d shapes out of paper (it was printed on there for them), fold them correctly and tape them together. See the pink one? It's something like a dodecadron or some name I can't pronounce. The teacher said it was hard & they'd get extra credit for it. Natalie did that one first. Then she insisted on stacking them sky high. She had a problem when she got to the pyramid & cone as the last 2. So, she found a way to flip the pyramid over in some kind of holder and stack from that. Pretty clever, huh? She told me to ask the teacher if she could get EXTRA extra credit for doing that pink one FIRST and stacking them. Yeah, Natalie, you do. Except that you don't really get grades in your class, so we'll just humor you. LOL!

Another creative talent Natalie has is acting. Or just pretending. Or dressing up. Both my girls have done that for as long as I can recall. Natalie has been good therapy for her Aspie sister. Here is Natalie trying to look like her daddy. She's much cuter, I think. ha, ha!

Then Bethany has been creating the way she does so well.

Who knew Gluten Free could look so good! This isn't a cake. She melted chocolate and coated some GF "Oreo" type cookies (they are actually ALMOST as good as the real deal) and added sprinkles. She is the Sprinkle Queen. She then took one of those "jimmy" type sprinkle things and made it look like a candle in the middle. It was almost too pretty to eat. But she ate it anyway. : )

Not a very clear picture, but it's a guitar. It's a really tiny guitar, about 3" long. It looks like something you'd get at the craft store as a scrapbooking embellishment. Or something you might die cut. Nope. This was hand cut with scissors (her own, not mine---she might be grounded for months if she used ANY of my good scissors!). Regular cheap scissors (again, THAT is the kind she better be using for cutting metal). I'll have to try to retake a picture & not blur it. She "thinks" it was metal from the bottom of a can.

I wonder, can I graduate them from homeschool with enough craft lessons? I can certainly say that our craft supplies have MULTIPLIED, so it should count for math! LOL!

Now my dear husband who is half responsible for producing these 2 people is out picking up our Valentine's Dinner. Since I was sleeping on Valentine's Day. And we're having cheesecake. Which I just realized needs to come out of the oven. OOPS! BYE!

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Peggysuez said...

Um, if you have gluten free goodies like that in your house, why are you in Texas and I'm all the way up here? I don't think we could be further apart north and south and that makes me too far away from that chocolate! Ha! Glad the stones decided to roll on out.