Saturday, February 5, 2011

First 2 Quilt blocks

I decided to try to make the blocks that are being listed in this Quilt Block-a-Palooza I'm not sure exactly why I think I have time to do this, but I'm doing it! LOL! I finished the first 2 blocks.

I've never done real quilt piecing before. I have quilted fabric to make purses and we've made a rag quilt, but never the kind where you fit little squares and triangles together to make a quilt top. I have to learn how to keep things lined up or not stretch fabric or something as I seem to not quite have things turn out like they should.

When I got through with the 2 blocks, I noticed that block number 2 (the one with all the little squares that looks like a sudoku puzzle) was bigger than the other. I thought at first it was due to my dorkiness & I sewed it WAY off or something. Then I re-read the directions & figured out it was due to my dorkiness & not reading the directions all the way. I was supposed to trim each smaller block (with 9 squares, like a tic-tac-toe game) to 4.5" after I made them. Ooooops! Good thing I got that ergonomic seam ripper for Christmas! LOL!

You can see the difference in this picture:
Meanwhile, my younger daughter was able to make a different kind of art: SNOW art! The only other time she's done this was in New Mexico when we took a vacation. My older daughter and I looked out at the 1/4" of snow, said it looked pretty, and went back to sleep. I love the picture my husband took of Natalie throwing snow at the top of this page. How did he capture the snow looking like an arrow in the sky? WAY cool picture!
The girls & I need to get out to sell Girl Scout cookies later today, but Natalie & I are ready to make some valentine cards, so hopefully we'll have some papercrafts for you soon!

Thanks for stopping by this chilly day!

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