Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gaggle of Geese, a Rag Bag and pre-teen "makeovers"

I made my very first ever flying geese piece the other night. I do wonder if just one is a goose, though. Tonight I made a whole gaggle! It's part of a quilt square or block for Block-a-Palooza. I've never done this. I made that rag quilt, but each square was one piece. I've made a lot of totes & purses now. Gosh, I've even made my own wedding dress. But a QUILT BLOCK? This is new.

Here is a picture of the group of flying geese pieces. I'm learning to use this 1/4" sewing foot I bought. I like it, but I am learning how to position things just right. Who knew that just 1-2 threads off can mess up a whole quilt? With clothes you have room for error like that. You call it "easing" the fabrics to fit together. I guess in quilting you don't do that.

Now here is what all the pieces together look like before sewing them. I used a fabric line called, "What was on sale at Hancock Fabrics and in my stash." It's an exclusive line and you'd be hard pressed to find it anywhere near you.

Then I started to sew a row together. You sew the pieces across in a row, then you sew the rows to each other. Except somehow I forgot to factor in a HUGE factor. I'm a dork. I'm part of a whole group of dorks called the Traveling Dork Sisters. Actually, I am the Duchess of Dork. My birthday twin, Karen, who hates paisley & is puking over the pink/purple paisley in this block even as you read, is the Queen Dork. I figured since she was the queen & we share a birthday I'd be the Duchess. Plus, I could be like Fergie (the original Fergie, you know, the one who was married to a prince?) and pose for the "Before" shots for Weight Watchers. Okay, so dork factor takes place and we get this:

Do you see the dork issue? Look at the before picture & this one. Uh-huh. Now you see it. Thankfully my family bought me a new ergonomic seam ripper for Christmas. You know my motto is "You shall rip what you sew." I can just separate the 2 geese units & flip the big square unit around for the bottom.

AND, I'm almost done with Bethany's Rag Bag. She picked out all the colors & fabrics. We have different tastes, but this was what she wanted. She's into the black & white look with splashes of bright colors.
It is without a handle. As is Kathy's Krafty Bag. You know, the one I made for Kathy before she started "Kemo?" Yeah, well, she finished chemo & her bag is waiting for handles. We just had a dilemna on how to put them on b/c I forgot to put straps on it before I started. Poor Kathy. She's a dear for putting up with my delay & dorkiness. I am fairly sure I should be on Ritalin. Or something. I do not have to ask where my kids get their ADHD.

And, just for grins, this is what my daughter & her friends do for fun sometimes. Makeovers. Oh. My. They do them to each other. Since poor Kathy was attacked by a cat the other day and has a black eye and a nasty row of stitches I must think they were trying to empathize with her. One of these is her daughter. I figure I am safe posting these because you can't tell what these girls really look like. They are very pretty young ladies. Without the black eyes. And eyebrows. And lipstick. Really. Just trust me.

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