Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilt Blocks 3 & 4

First, if you haven't seen my Family Blog post on "which child is normal?" please go check this out: My kids are total goofballs. The one with the Asperger diagnosis would NOT go to sleep tonight. She came into the sewing room about an hour after I'd taken her to bed & asked, with a sly smile on her face, "Why are you still up this late?" My little dorkling. LOL! She decided my bed would help her fall asleep so I'm going to have to move her in a moment.

Next, update on my kidney stones: I'm having pain tonight. I go on Monday for a CT scan & the dr. will likely do a procedure to break them up in the office this week.

Now, my 3rd & 4th blocks in the Quilt Block a Palooza. I think I am finally getting the hang of flying geese blocks. Well, sort of. I'm also still working on perfecting the 1/4" seam. I tried using my regular presser foot & the 1/4" marking on it. I know there is a way you can sew 3 pieces of fabric together & measure to see if you are getting a true 1/4" seam, but I haven't done that yet.

I think the pinwheel is my favorite block so far. I love that paisley print. My dear friend & dork sister Karen Lynn may have just thrown up a little. LOL! She REALLY does not like paisley, so it's a joke within the dorks about paisley prints in fabric or paper. Another dork sister, Vikki Jo, does not like butterflies, so I might just have to send this quilt to the 2 of those gals. Just because I'm goofy that way. ha, ha.

Natalie & I wanted to work on cards today but it didn't happen. Tomorrow I HOPE I feel okay for church & then we're going to go around selling Girl Scout cookies about the time people are gathering for Superbowl parties. We're hoping to find houses full of folks wanting to by cookies from us! ; )

The picture at the top? That is the most snow our city has seen in about 25 years. We've had ice, but not snow. I know it's just a dusting, but to us it was a real blizzard! It was gone by noon. That's the beauty of living here. No need to shovel snow. Just wait til noon. And today, 24 hours later, we had the a.c. on in the car. Crazy, I tell ya'.

Thanks for popping by.

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