Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 weeks from Saturday

I just read the sweetest blog post at Rachel Griffith's quilt blog. 2 weeks from today she will be leaving her baby for the first time to go out of town for several days. It made me tear up to read her words. Yet, I am also grinning beyond belief. You want to know why? Because 2 weeks from today I will be at a Quilt Festival in San Antonio listening to Rachel Griffith speak! Giddy! I wanted so badly to attend Quilt Market or Festival in Houston in the fall as I was in Houston that very weekend. However, it was when Linda was so sick in the hospital and I just felt like I needed to hang out here in San Antonio, just in case I was needed for some reason. I didn't have money to be spending at Quilt Market, so it would have just been to drool over everything. I had read that in addition to the quilt type vendors some of the crafting/stamping vendors would be there, so it would be something like CHA.

When my friend Kelly told me about this event at her church, I was SO excited! Natalie wants to go with me, too. That makes me happy. Bethany could care less about sewing. She doesn't even like the quilted look. A rag bag caught her attention for some reason, but beyond that, nah.

I'll find the flyer and post more for anyone in this area (I can't find info on the church website). It's at University UMC on De Zavala on 2/26. I think it starts at 9 a.m. and is $6. I'll double check that. The $6 may be for lunch & the event itself may be free. I'm sure we will hit Wendy's across the street for lunch since we can BOTH eat for $4 there and I can get GF food. Or have Kelly bring me lunch to her office in the church. ha, ha!

If anyone wants to come with me, let me know!

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