Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Dolls aren't Freezing anymore!

I finally got finished with the little Dolly dresses for our American Girl class around the time I had my kidney stones removed. I even took a picture. Now to figure out where they are on my computer! LOL! Phew, I found it. Isn't this fabric darling? I have discovered this new found love of cherry prints. I found this AMAZINGLY darling line of fabric called "Oh, Cherry, Oh." Sadly, it is an "older" print and hard to find. I am seriously thinking of snatching up some then filling in with other prints I can find at JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, etc. Here's a snippet of that line:

So much fun!

Bethany & I are working furiously to get our crafts organized. My dad said if the girls cleaned up enough for him to get in to put up shelves, he would buy them some shelves & put them up. They've wanted that extra space for some time. Bethany has been on a "getting rid of stuff" rampage for some time, which is good, but her process involves going through EVERY item we own & then asking Natalie if SHE wants the item then deciding if it's a give-away or sell item, etc. We'll have quite the garage sale soon with tons of 25 cent items, I think. Hopefully lots of kids will come. I think we need to box up similar items & charge $5 for a bag or something.

One thing I am doing is sorting my fabrics. I'm putting cottons in drawers by color & then other fabrics in separate drawers. This involved purchasing some more clear drawers, but that's what I've wanted to have them in for some time. Up til now I've used clear plastic boxes but it never fails I need something out of the very bottom box & I have to move the entire pile of boxes.

I'm also looking at cutting tables, but they are quite pricey. The best thing I've found that really fits my height is an adjustable height 4' long table. I can set it at counter height (36") and for Miss Legs here it works great. I humor myself thinking ZZ Top---back in my young days---had me in mind when they sing the part of their song that says, "She's got legs. She's knows how to use them." I honestly have no idea what the other lyrics are & probably am better off that way! LOL!

Hope you are having a wonderful time crafting this week!


Traci M said...

That fabric is super cute, Lori, and I love doll clothes, that dress is so fun!! Good luck to you with organizing all your fabric, and thank you so much for the pretty birthday card...I loved the envelope,too! Blessings to you, sweet friend!

ashjoy said...

Awww, what sweet little doll dresses!

I went wrong, I'm a dork ya know! A really, really big one this week!