Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Craft Room update & Questions

I was looking at pictures then at the actual room. I realized those boxes are full of mostly sewing stuff and kids' crafts. I'm guessing half or more of that is OLD stuff. Some from my single days! And patterns the girls have long since outgrown. For that matter, patterns I have long since outgrown! LOL! I've really whittled down my stamps over time. There is a lot of mixed up scrappy stuff at the bottom of the pile, but I think I've kept that in check better than the other stuff. I've been so blessed to receive gifts of stamps and paper from friends, which store easily. I've gone to dies over most punches, mainly spellbinder, which also store well. I do need to whittle through ink. I need to organize papers, too. I may even whittle down the dies since I bought a little Cricut last year finally. A sweet friend gave me some cartridges for my birthday---and a GYPSY!!! I like that things can be compactly stored.

I really need to get rid of most the patterns & some fabric. I have a few sewing pattern books or more expensive patterns that I'll keep to use for the great nieces or maybe one day grandkids. :-O

We have FLUFF and PAINTS and YARN and POPSICLE sticks and who knows what else my elder child has collected over time!

Do you keep all your scraps of paper? What do you do with them? If you are more of a die cut person, what punches do you keep? Do you still use a rollagraph? I have several wheels but don't use them, so should probably sell all that. Ideas?

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Miss Iowa said...

Hi Loribelle! Even though I have some Nestabilities, I've kept all of my punches (I don't have too many), because in most cases the punches are different sizes from the Nesties and quicker to use. My problem is all the scraps of paper leftover from projects! I've reached the point where I'm only keeping scraps that are at least large enough to cover the entire front of an A2 card.