Saturday, March 5, 2011

Found a new Quilt Shop!

I discovered a new quilt shop today. I've searched online several times for quilt shops in San Antonio & this one has never come up before. It's called Sew Special Quilts located just west of 6 flags. If you know me, you might see the wheels turning already. Every year our family uses tax return money to get 6 flags passes. Truth be told, and it has been, I can think of a lot of places I'd rather be than sitting on a bench waiting for my husband & kids to finish yet another ride that makes me nauseated to even look at. It's sad getting older and having inner ear issues. I do love the water park and sometimes the shows. So here's my plan: drop off hubby & kids at the park, go to the quilt shop for an hour or 2, come back & take the girls to ride the ones they want to go on while hubby rides monster coasters. I'll be happy to sit after my fill of fabric! LOL! Speaking of fabric, here is a peek at what I saw when I walked in:

I asked, upon walking in, "Can I move in?" Seriously the amazing colors and styles were just what I would want in my home. If I didn't share it with a man who rides fast motorcycles and prefers brown to pink, cannot for the life of him understand the purpose of wall decor or knick knacks, but says a nice paint job on a vehicle is different. Sigh. He actually likes red, so I'm seeing some possibilities here.

Natalie was as taken as I was. Her approach was different, though. She immediately saw purse patterns and decided which one I needed to make for her. It's this one:
She wants the Rose bag on the top left corner. The pattern is called "Six in the City." My kids have no clue that it's a play on words & I wasn't about to offer that info to them. The bags made up really sell the patterns. I've seen many of the patterns they had online, but never saw bags made up with them. Wow. I was "uber impressed." Okay, I've never used the term "uber" other than in my German classes in high school college. That's how impressed I was. Ha, ha!

I also picked up some "charm packs" which was my goal. Natalie picked the colors. She does tend to be my "eye for fashion" child. These are "Lovely" and "Botany." I have plans for them. Serious plans. : )

And, after that we went shopping to find a pair of size 0 skinny jeans. Yes, I find that redundant. If you're in a 0 you are skinny. It's the bottom of the pants, though, that are classified. Gosh, remember when it was either bell bottoms or straight leg? And we only wore bell bottoms? Life was WAY easier then. Now it's flare, skinny, super skinny, or bootcut, with an average, low, semi-low, or extra low waistband, and you can pick your length. Where was that pick your length stuff when Miss Mile a Minute Legs (me) was a teenager? Natalie, the normal sized child, tried on dresses. They cost $70. I said no. Maybe half price. MAYBE. one day. Not today. So we went to Payless, but saw Dress Barn next door. She found a dress that fits well & is super cute for $16! Yea, I don't have to sew an Easter dress! LOL! And shoes for $10! Of course, the dress, like so many you find today, will HAVE to have a shrug over it (modesty IS still a virtue) and I was not going to pay $30 for that, so we'll be looking for a royal blue shrug.

We also picked up a computer for Phil to work on from a former neighbor. I was too pooped to cook after all that, so we're having Bill Miller BBQ. I'd rather have Rudy's but it's too far away & costs more. Off to eat me some yummy meat!

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rachel griffith said...

i loved sew special so much that i went there twice while i was there. no kidding.

{and they even picked up my patterns to sell in their shop!!!}