Friday, January 15, 2010

What would your Ultimate Diaper Bag be like?

If you could design the ULTIMATE diaper bag, what features would it have? Would it be fabric so you could wash it? Would it be vinyl so you could just wipe it off & go? What kind of pockets would you want? What size bag? Zipper on top? Zippered pockets? Something that can grow as your kids grow & be a Mom bag (when diapers get replaced with DS games and bottles of formula turn into bottles of water or Fuze!)?

I asked this on Splitcoaststampers & got a great variety of answers that are really helping me to hone in on what would make the ideal diaper bag. Now, I understand that different folks have different takes on what's wonderful, so I will likely be making more than one style. Even so, I'd like your input.

If you are a mom or dad, know a mom or dad, or just think you've got this one down, please share your ideas on diaper bags! I promise mine will not cost what this one costs: Click Here That is a VERY pretty bag, but whatever my design, I can guaranty it will not cost that much! LOL!

This question was posted on Splitcoast before I knew my niece was pregnant, so I'm hoping she'll let me design a bag for Baby Kiser!


Miss Iowa said...

Ask me again a few years from now when I'll need adult diapers, okay?

Chef Mama Lori said...

Ha! Ha! By then you'll need a bag that attaches to your walker! Maybe I should make those now while I know what I'm doing. Oh, wait, I don't always know what I'm doing. :)