Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paging God at Hobby Lobby

Did that title get your attention? This isn't a crafting post, but I was buying crafting supplies at Hobby Lobby when this humorous event happened.

Most of you know that Hobby Lobby is a craft store that is Christian owned. When you go into the store there is "elevator music" playing. If you listen closely you realize it is Christian music they are playing. It's all instrumental and very soothing. You may also know that on their website you can find a link to a Christian message. On Christmas and Easter they put a big full page display in the newspaper with a message about the Lord.

What you may not know is that God can be reached through the overhead announcement/PA system at Hobby Lobby. Not just any Hobby Lobby, mind you, but the one in San Antonio on Bitters Road.

I was in line checking out one day. The young man was entering my items and I was watching like a hawk (being the frugal girl I am) to be sure he entered all my sale items correctly. Suddenly a voice from above spoke. Okay, it was the voice of the manager & the speakers were above. Just go with the story. I heard the voice say, "God, call 026." YES, that is what I heard! Then he repeated it, but this time I heard, "Scott, call 026." Apparently, at Hobby Lobby they also call God Scott. I kind of giggled & said, "I thought he said GOD call 026," thinking I was the only nutcase in the place. The cashier AND the person behind me BOTH said, "That's what I heard, too!" That means that very likely anyone in the store listening heard God being paged over the intercom!

So there you have it. While I believe God is everywhere, I now know that at Hobby Lobby on Bitters in San Antonio, there is a direct line to God on extension 026.

Hope that put a smile on your face today!


peggysue said...

Well I knew Texans hold a special place in this world, I guess we all just didn't realize quite HOW special. Okay, next time I want direct access I'll come to your Hobby Lobby.

BethH said...

Oh, I love it! What a great post and funny thing to happen. I be tyou did just giggle...but you know...when you call His name...He will be there!!! Well, I guess He's already there... :)

One Picky Family said...