Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Loribelle Bags blog!

***This is a "sticky post" that will stay at the top for a while. Scroll down to find my newer posts.

Try saying, "Loribelle Bags Blog" 3 times quickly! LOL! I have started a new blog (yes, one more!) strictly dedicated to my Loribelle Bags and other sewn items for sale. There isn't much there yet, but if you'd like to pick up some popcorn, grab a seat, and sit back & watch it grow, I'd love to have you there! Here's the link:

Most of it has already been on here, but I'd love for you to join as a follower so as I add new things (like blog candy) you'll be there to celebrate (and maybe win a prize) with me!

I'll still be keeping this blog with my meandering stories of crafts and such, but the Loribelle Bag Blog will be a way for me to keep the business aspect separate.

Hope to see you over there!


peggysue said...

Wow, how did you know I had popcorn tonight? :) And I'm blog hopping, all the things you said in your post! And I own a Loribelle's bag! The first! The original! And its great! So everyone rush over to Lori's new blog and get yourself a bag today! (psst! how was that? and I mean every word too!)

Carolyn Bounds said...

You are SO VERY TALENTED!!!! Your handbags are absolutely STUNNING!!! How I wish I could sew just a simple straight line, so your creations literally blew me away!!!

I also wanted to stop by and say...Congratulations!!! You're a Busy Beauties Blog Hop Winner!!! You can either be our February Guest Designer OR choose five images from the Busy Bauties Boutique. Let me know which you would prefer by sending me an email at:

Thank you so much for joining our January release blog hop and spreading such happiness to each blog along the way!!! It means more to us than we could ever express:o)