Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decoupage and Totes

Hello! I don't have a picture of anything to show you, but I do have a new tote finished in a different style. As soon as I saw a picture of the bag, I knew I wanted to try it. It's a gift, though, so the picture has to wait.

I was just reading Sherry's blog Here with more about her 3-d cards, which she discovered are called pyramid cards. These cards she's making with the vintage images are so beautiful. Anyway, another lady commented that in the UK these cards have been around for awhile and she mentioned the older style of these used in decoupage. I immediately thought of a decoupage of Holly Hobbie that I received as a child. It was from either Cathy or Pam Shirley, who were the teenage daughters of some of my parents' friends. I thought they were SO cool (though I don't think "cool" had come back into style---maybe they were groovy! LOL!) and getting a gift from them was super special. This decoupage had several layers of what was likely a greeting card. This was back in the dark ages when even the thought of making a copy of something without smelling like ditto fluid and turning your hands purple was unheard of. For that matter when I started teaching we were still making purple copies! I distinctly remember thinking about how this had been made: buying several of the same card and cutting out the little pieces to stack on top of each other. She even managed to take part of it and somehow make it pooch out kind of rounded. I loved the texture of that piece! Maybe that is part of why I am drawn to Sherry's cards with this pyramid or 3-D shape.

Have you ever decoupaged? I have in more recent times decoupaged flat things like a clipboard or a box. Um, the box isn't flat, but the sides are. I am a dork, but I do know that boxes aren't always flattened! LOL! I'd love to hear your decoupage stories! I'd also like to visit the UK now that it's been mentioned in my blog again. I hear they are much more gluten-free/celiac friendly than the US! : )

Good night!

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