Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love Bunny Zoe's Crafts!

Last week I won a prize in the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge. The company providing the prize was Bunny Zoe's Crafts. I had not heard of them before that. Nikki is the owner. You can find her blog HERE. She was lightning fast in corresponding with me and mailing, um, I mean POSTING, my prize! I got a grin out of reading REAL English. She wrote, "I'll get you prize straight out in the post to you today." Brought back warm memories of our year in Africa, particularly our six months in Nairobi Kenya when we met an International host of missionaries and had some dear friends from England. The husband and Phil had a grand time teasing each other about the way they said things.

Nikki posted (that's "put it in the mail" for us US Americans!) my prize on Wednesday last week. It was in my mailbox on Monday morning! It may have been there on Saturday as we forgot to check the mail. WOW. That was some fast mail! I am still waiting on some items that never got forwarded from my old address to here---a grand total of 5 miles---from last summer and fall! Thank you Nikki!

Back to Bunny Zoe's Crafts. These are the two stamps I received (sorry I've not taken pics of my own, but they are covered with ink at the moment!) along with a FEW of the bundle of charms that came. WOW! If you recall, I love the cuteness of those darling Magnolia stamps, but I can't get past the no mouth & nose. Look at these cuties! They have a mouth AND a nose! And aren't they cute little mouths & noses? LOL!

These cuties are from a line called Bildmalarna. They are Mimosa the girl and Mimo the boy. You can see all the Mimosas & Mimo's HERE. I did some money conversions and found that the shipping from the UK to places outside of Europe are $4.06 USD to $8.94 MAX! I've paid nearly that amount for shipping from another state to Texas!

See that little handbag charm? I plan to order some of those if I ever build up my stamping fund again. Those and some more of the Mimosas. And if the British Pound loses value, maybe more! LOL!

If you're looking for a fun new stamp shop be sure and check out Bunny Zoe's Crafts!

When I get a card made, I'll post it here. Purses are top priority right now. I'll be able to post a picture of a new tote this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

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ashjoy said...

Wow! You are on a winning streak girl! Congrats!