Friday, October 30, 2009

Floral Purse and Wicked Sewing Machine

I've had two orders for items waiting to be made while I was trying to get ready for the craft show last weekend. This first purse is another hobo style bag. This fabric is from JoAnn's. I quilted it with the lining. I need to add the handles once I get some more D rings later today.

You can see some of the quilting in this bag. On the others I've quilted just the outside fabric & the lining was separate. This has a zipper pouch and 2 slip pockets. They hang separately because of the quilted lining.

This is the 2nd bag for this customer. This is actually the inside. I worked on all my red items at once to avoid changing thread so much. This one won't be quilted. This shows the zipper pocket and the slip pockets.

The outside of this bag is denim. I asked the customer if I could add a blue jean pocket with a bit of red bandana fabric sticking out. She suggested adding a band of bandana & I think that turned out really cute! I haven't sewn this piece together so it still has the raw edges in this picture.

Another friend of mine just redecorated her kitchen with red gingham checks and wanted some hot pads and such to match. This is one side of an oven mitt and is unfinished. It's solid red on the back, but that part will be inside when I sew this together. I found some batting that is supposed to be heatproof. I made one piece with just that batting and tried quilting on the lines rather than diagonally. I did NOT like that look at all on this mitt. Also, I just wanted to be SURE the mitt was heat safe, so I bought some cotton batting to add an extra layer. I think it looks so cute so far!

Now that wicked sewing machine. I have family in Massachusetts where the word "Wicked" can also mean wonderful, great, really cool. I'm in Texas. Here wicked means wicked. I returned my mom's machine to her and have been using my own. First, it was incredibly SLOW. I took off part of the cover & found some tangled up thread inside so I worked to remove that. Then last night it just froze, for lack of a better description. I can barely turn the wheel manually. It reminds me of the time our automatic steering went out & I had to use all my might to turn the steering wheel. A friend is going to let me borrow her machine & I'm going to see if I can borrow my mom's when I go over there this weekend. Kind of hard to be a seamstress with no sewing machine! NO, I am not going to hand sew all of these! LOL!

BTW, if you haven't already seen the new releases from Clear Dollar Stamps (available 11/1) and Gina K. Designs, they have some really wonderful stamps coming out. I just need to sew if I want to buy any stamps again!

Hope you've enjoyed your visit. I'm hoping to get inky this weekend and play in some challenges. I'll post those when I'm done.


ashjoy said...

Wow you sew girl!

Miss Iowa said...

Cute bags, Loribelle! Hope you get the sewing machine problem fixed. When that has happened to me, it's because something was goofy with the bobbin and the thread was all tangled up down there.

Hence, I no longer sew. LOL!

Traci M said...

Pretty bags, Lori, the quilting adds so much. I hope your friend lends you the machine for a looong time!! :)

Scrappin' Kat Woman said...

Loribelle, even with a sewing machine that ia fighting you needle & thread, you still are turning out awesome bags! Love, love, love my backpack!

Sue said...

I am loving that black floral bag. I may not be able to part with that one. I think I need to order some oven mitts & potholders from you - got any apple print fabric?