Monday, October 5, 2009

Cards, Cards, Cards

No time for details. I'm making blintzes, getting a child to bed, and have yet to prepare a lesson plan for one class for tomorrow. YIKES! Thought I'd post here in case you missed them on SCS & couldn't sleep without checking them out. HA! HA! HA!!!!! The purse ones went out with my first 3 purse orders that I finished! Woo-hoo! Off to do whatever comes next!


Karen Lynn said...

I was waiting and waiting so I came here to check your items out. Whew, I feel better.
Cards are great, paisleys...not so great.

Toni said...

lori..i love your idea of your purses with the matching cards.
terrific idea!

Traci M said...

I did see these on SCS and commented, but didn't realize they were here too...super cute Lori, does this mean mine is already in the mail?
Don't worry about answering!

ashjoy said...

Matching cards, what a great idea!