Friday, July 22, 2011

To be 2 again---a Twirly Skirt!

Have you ever heard the story about the man who asked his wife what she wanted for her birthday and, looking longingly into a mirror, she answered: To be 8 again. He took his wife to the amusement park and they rode all the kiddy rides. They ate cotton candy and candy apples. He took her to the park where they played hopscotch and swung on the swings. When they got home he asked his wife, "Did you have a good time today dear?" She said, "Yes, but when I said I wanted to be 8 again, I meant my SIZE!"

While I wouldn't mind being 8 again in size, I'd rather be a two in age. Have you see the darling clothes for little girls? My girls were too active for me to have time to sew when they were young, so I'm finding all kinds of cute stuff I can make my great nieces. If I find time! We are in the middle of making a big gift for my older great niece who turned two yesterday. Her party is tomorrow. The present won't get finished. We wanted her to have a little something to open at her party. When we saw this top at the store, I told the girls, "I'm going to make her a skirt tonight and we're getting this top!" I used my phone camera to take the picture and it doesn't do justice to the colors. I'll take some with my camera later. I was too lazy to run upstairs and grab the real camera! Pictures updated!
I had these fabrics in my stash, so I knew I could make something to match that top. We ran by Hobby Lobby and found the ribbon. One lesson learned: as I ironed the skirt, the dots on the ribbon started to come off. If you use a printed ribbon, I guess you need to iron from the back of the garment so it doesn't cause the ink to come off on the design.
I still need to sew the elastic into place, but wanted to show you this sweet little set. It looks big enough for my girls to wear it, but it is really only a size 24 mos. Just the camera angle makes it look big.

 Doesn't this little skirt make you want to have another baby? NO??? Well, honestly, me neither. Having babies in the family is enough to make me happy. Since one of my kids woke me up during the night this week, and she's 12 (ear infection), I'll happily let others do the all night shift. I will, however, keep making cute clothes and might have to make some to sell!

Thanks for stopping by. Guess I need to create a birthday card tonight! Do I still know how to stamp? I'll find out!

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