Friday, July 8, 2011

Quilted and BRIGHT with silly on the side

Thanks to all who answered my question about to sash or not to sash. I went with the majority and sashed this one. I'm sure I'll do others which I won't sash. Here it is with the sashing. I still need to put borders in the teal, then add a final border around that. Maybe something, um, not so bright! LOL!
Now let me show you how much fun it is taking pictures with my kids. I asked them to hold the quilt, as pictured above. First, Bethany tried standing in FRONT of the quilt. We solved that problem. Then, as I was about to click, this is what I got:
Goofball holding the quilt; sister wondering what just happened. Notice her hand in mid-air!

I tell them to be serious & let me take a picture. Or not:
Bethany, still wearing her cow costume from Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day, is not A-MOOZED!

I took the serious picture, then said, "You can be silly now." Obstinate children:

I'll share the finished product, well, when it's finished!

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Grace said...

Cute pics. Love the quilt!