Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Latest Creation

I'll have pictures for you of my lastest sewing creation soon. We are going to my Mom-in-law's & will retrieve our camera so my phone cam can take a break!

My latest creation, however, has nothing to do with sewing. I also don't think you'd want to see pictures of it. You see, I've "birthed" yet another kidney stone. This one was the most painful of the 5 I've had in my life (4 of those being this year). I landed in the ER once, had a stent put in and had to wait a week to have the surgery to remove the stone because I'd taken ibuprofen for pain. Trust me, I would have taken anything for pain at that point! Surgery was on June 30th and today, July 3, I am finally feeling well enough to drive to my MIL's house to celebrate the holiday. Freedom. FREEDOM---from kidney stones! There are no more inside of me! Praise the Lord!

Now, if I can keep from CREATING any more stones, I'll be one happy camper!

Have a BLESSED 4th of July celebrating the freedom we have in America. For those outside the US, and for my American friends, I pray we will celebrate a freedom that is far bigger and greater: the freedom from a life spent separated from God through Jesus paying the price for our sin.

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