Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Loribelle Bags!

I've just listed 2 bags on my etsy site ( and have one more I'll list tomorrow. I have several bags waiting for me to love on them (ie sew them together) so they can have a spotlight in the Etsy shop.

How fun are these triangle bags? Natalie says, "Well, they are different." Yes, they are! But they are SO roomy. I used the same method as I did when making my chicken pincushions, but lined them and put in a zipper instead of filling with sand. Of course, if you WANT sand in your bag....

The blue and green one is quilted, which makes it stand up better than the black one. The black one, though, is soft and foldable. Both are fully lined and roomy. I even put a mason jar inside to show how much room is inside of them!
I've also made up a cute little clutch in the blue and green floral. It's on my Etsy site now.
Phew, no spaghetti sauce or pudding stains on my cabinet! This is the cabinet that did have paint on it once, or maybe twice, when the girls painted our kitchen floor red. I am SO glad they are big now and don't paint the floors any more!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Traci M said...

These are so pretty, Lori!! A really unique bag and the blue fabric reminds me of you!