Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shopped til we dropped!

I am about to drop into bed but wanted to just give you some fast info on our whirlwind Quilt Shop Hop:

Drove over 400 miles in 3 days.
Purchased a few meals along the way. Found some great mom & pop diners.
Found the neatest quilt shops on our journey. We were able to find pieces to collections we started from different stores. Even found some to finish a set I'd only found online before!
Had some great friend time sans kids & hubbies. Got slap happy today when we were approaching about our 10th shop this week. Laughed so hard we cried on more than one occasion.

Cost of eating: not too bad
Cost of gas: outrageous
Cost of fabric: unmentionable
Time spent with friends: PRICELESS!

Look for pictures in the near future. Or next week. Or sometime before summer!


Miss Iowa said...

Sounds like fun and you deserve every minute and every laugh. But I'm confused--did the gas come from the mom and pop diners, or from a gas station? (wink)

Kathy said...

Dear Miss I,

Yes. (wink)



Peggysuez said...

I am looking forward to the photos, it sounds like you had fun and that makes me smile!