Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another round

Apologies for not updating more. I have several projects (fabric ones) in the works & will update with those soon. Want to share more about our Shop Hop, too. I'm ITCHING to get inky and make cards. But right now my "project" is getting rid of another set (I think) of kidney stones. I'm going to see the dr. again in the a.m. I will know more tomorrow. For now, ibuprofen and an occasional 1/2 of a hydrocodone (aka Vicodin) are my friends. Though, the hydrocodone is so potent even at 1/2 strength that I sleep 12 hours, get up to eat & go back to sleep! YIKES!

A bit of news: My mother-in-law is getting married on June 4th! I'm thinking of making a dress like the black & red one here:
or maybe this one:

One of these is more likely:
But longer and wider! And looser. Um, and with different shoes. Or this.
I love this fabric line:
It's called Summer Breeze. Summer is here. Breeze is not!

Until next time!

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April Carroll said...

After reading half of your post, I was trying to figure out a nice way to tell you that those dresses were inappropriate! LOL Glad to see your real choices! ;)