Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bluebonnet Hopping!

Aren't those flowers pretty? If you are a Texan you just looked at them and asked, "Where are they so I can take pictures?" These are some of our famous state flowers, the Bluebonnet. They are wildflowers so only bloom once a year and NOW is that time! Why, you may wonder, am I showing you bluebonnets?

Let me tell you why! Over the next few days I am going to be spending time with 2 of my dearest friends on a Quilt Shop Hop! We'll be driving around San Antonio and up to the Texas Hill Country visiting several quilt shops. The shop hop is called the Bluebonnet Shop Hop. We didn't have much rain this winter, so we aren't sure how well the bluebonnets are doing, but we are hoping (or at least I am) to see LOTS of bluebonnets and wildflowers along the way.

These are the beautiful women who will be trapped in a car with me:
You already know about my friend Kathy in the pink. This picture was taken nearly a year ago when another friend of ours had a fundraiser to help with Kathy's medical expenses. This was not long before her surgery and subsequent hair loss from chemo. I'll try to take some pictures this weekend so you can see how cute her curly hair is filling in. She has a THICK head of hair now! Hope that gives some encouragement to anyone currently in the midst of chemo.

This picture must make you think one of two things: Kathy is a giant or the other lady is tiny. Kathy is NOT a giant! LOL! She's about my height and has lost quite a few pounds since that picture (where she was already smaller than I am, I think). The other dear friend is Danette. Doesn't that sound like a tiny name for a petite person? She is Kathy's other Houston traveling buddy. This will be the first time the three of us will get to go somewhere all together. Typically, when one of us was with Kathy in Houston, the other one had the extra children at her house. The one time we did get to be in Houston together was for Kathy's birthday when I took all the girls up to be at Kathy's surprise party. This is going to be a blast being together having fun----without kids!!!!

We'll be going to THIS store:
And THIS store:
And THIS store:
And THIS store:
And all the other stores listed HERE!

We might just come home with some of this:
Or a little more of this:
Or maybe something like this:
I do know we'll be getting some of these at each stop for free! Just not sure what type they will be:
Those are fat quarters, which are NOT a body part, in case you wondered. They are pieces of fabric cut 18" x 22".

I understand cookies will be served at each stop. Unless by some strange occurrence the shop owners have Celiac Disease & bake Gluten Free, I'll be skipping that part.

I'm really looking forward to these couple of days spending time with my friends and drooling over pretty fabric. Check back next week to see what we bring home with us!

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