Friday, April 29, 2011

Of Quilts and Queens and Kids

I have been busy sewing and quilting this week. I can't show pictures this week, but I will SOON! Actually, a trio of families have been sewing this week to make something happen.

I was actually up so late last night that I thought I would catch glimpses of the Royal Wedding. I thought when everyone was saying "4:00" for the time it meant it would be on at 3:00 here. Apparently the others were also in my time zone as 3:00 brought live shots of folks entering the Abbey. Then, I thought, "Oh, 4:00 is the wedding time," so even though I was finished with my work by 3:30 I stayed up. Apparently the actual wedding was at 5:00 my time! LOL! Whatever time it was I didn't see it live. I did, however, see some recorded parts while I was pinning some more sewing today and caught a glimpse of the Queen. What a lovely woman. To me, she's always had an "Old" look to her, which now means she doesn't look like she's aged. Prince Charles, on the other hand, looks much, much older than he is.

Some stations were showing the wedding of Diana and Charles. She looked like a frightened little school girl rather than the teacher turned princess she would be. How much happier Kate and William look. It made me so sad to think of how the marriages of the 3 royal children have turned out. I hope the new generation will take to heart the serious of their commitment. Of course, just seeing Diana makes me so sad knowing how short her life was and how tragically it ended. I will never forget staying up watching the news reports that night. So glad there is something HAPPY in that family today!

While my kids are not royalty (I have said we are all royal---pains at times! LOL), the Queen did have me help her with a skirt for our Girl Scout banquet tonight. It's a 50's theme. And a Paris theme. And a Black & White film theme. The girls are so indecisive! ha, ha! this was actually narrowed down from about 12 suggestions (Including rainbows and fluffy unicorns---we're a multi-level/age troop). Nat wanted a poodle skirt, but decided the little Scotty was cuter, so she used that, cut it out, attached it & the leash to the skirt & sewed the side seams. Due to time restraints, I did the waistband and elastic. It looks cute. Bethany is going with just the black & white theme. Oh, dear, I just realized I haven't put any new badges on their vest/sash. Yikes! Oh, well, we'll be busy this summer doing that.

And other "kid" news, I have none about my kidney stone. I am going to call the dr. AGAIN & see if they can give me results. I'm hurting again & not liking the not knowing what's going on. Maybe I should become that ROYAL PAIN I mentioned so I can find out about my royal pain. Hmmmm.

Hopefully I will have pictures to share tomorrow!

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