Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scrapbox Giveaway at Priscilla Styles Midnight Madness!

Priscilla at the Midnight Madness Challenge has a huge giveaway going on! The Original Scrapbox is giving away a brand new product called the Office Box. It comes in four beautiful shades! You can find all the details HERE.

Here is what this beauty looks like:
Also, a signed copy of a new book titled Wrong Number by Rachelle J. Christensen will be given away.

You can check out the book HERE and watch a trailer of the book on you tube HERE. I'm blog deficient & don't know how to get a video to imbed. I think I accidentally did it once but since then it doesn't work, so the links are the best I can do.

Edited to add video! Thanks Rachelle! I feel so empowered! LOL!

Priscilla has several other items up for grabs, so go check it out!

If you haven't seen Priscilla's sites, go to her challenge site and check out her new store site and her art site from there! I just "met" Priscilla when I started doing these challenges & she is a "kindred spirit" as Anne of Green Gables would say (that's Anne, with an -e, like my middle name--LOL!). She has a special place in my heart, too, as she was the last customer I was able to serve as a Pampered Chef consultant. At least this go round. Maybe I'll get to do that again in a few years & she can be my first customer! tee-hee!

Get on over to the MM site now, ya' hear!


M.R.Bunderson said...

Thanks for entering the contest. To qualify for the extra 15 entries you need to post the trailer on your site, not just link to it. thanks,

Rachelle said...

Hey, thanks for entering the contest! It's really easy to put up the trailer. Click on the link to watch the book trailer on YouTube, on the right hand side you'll see a spot where it says embed or link. Click on embed, then all the code is highlighted. click CTRL+C and then come back to your blog post and under the Edit HTML tab push CTRL+V to paste in the embed code. Voila! The video will appear. That's how they all work. Hopefully you can do that to get the full 15 points. :)

Good luck!

Rachelle said...

Yahoo! Good job! :)