Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Sneak Peeks, Good News, Bad News

You just cannot believe how excited I am about this bag. It has been a lot of work because I am working out of a plan in my head, not on paper. I am writing down dimensions as I go to reproduce or correct things as I need to do. The printed fabric is a canvas. I won't give away any more info, but hope to have this one finished VERY soon! It also has a special name, like my other totes, but that is a surprise, too!

Good News: My niece, who is expecting her first baby in August, found out today she's having a
I am so excited! We'd be just as excited for a girl, but this is just fun since I have girls who love cute little baby things. I already have some fabric in mind that I will HAVE to get & make something for little Karis. Karis rhymes with Paris and means grace. It is from the Greek word "charis" used in the Bible in the original texts. Please pray for a continued safe pregnancy and delivery. My niece has had multiple health issues over the past 10 years and was considered a "high risk pregnancy" even though she is not yet 30. Then again, she was told it would be hard to conceive and it happened REALLY fast! LOL!

Bad News: My dear friend Kathy, whom I mentioned before, found out that, in simplified terms, the cancer is, in a sense, more aggressive than originally thought. Trying to get insurance has turned into a nightmare, not just for her and her family, but for all members of the group through which they are working. Pray for God's providence financially, and of course I ask for continued prayers for healing & peace for this dear family.

I will also be posting a new Loribelle Bag (a variation of the Katie bag) on my bag blog: www.loribellebags.blogspot.com

Thanks for sneaking by!


One Picky Family said...

Can't wait to see the new bag. The fabric is really fun.

peggysue said...

Pretty fabric Lori. Happy to hear about your niece, sorry to hear about your friend Kathy.

ashjoy said...

I keep thinking about your friend, that is just too sad!

I am so impressed you can work a bag without a pattern. You "sew" girl!

And that stitched butterfly is so cute! Love it!