Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm almost finished with my "mystery bag." All I need to add are straps. I thought I'd share a few more sneak peeks with you tonight and keep you guessing!

It is a BIG bag. When I had only one side seam sewn, it was laid open on my ironing board twice as wide as the final bag. My 11 year old daughter came in and said, "Mom, that's HUGE! I could fit inside that!" LOL!

Any final guesses?


Karen Lynn said...

Nope, no guesses, but i know it is NOT for me with those big paisleys!!!!

Traci M said...

Okay, the real question is, can you get inside and zip yourself up when you need an "escape?"
I am thinking maybe it is a convertible bag, like a scrapbook or stamping bag or a diaper bag that somehow converts to something else.
It is really pretty fabric, Lori!

Grace said...

ooo, I bet this is your "secret agent" bag and you are using it in the DSS. Guess we'll have to really be good now. LOL. Is it an overnight bag????