Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Introducing the Kathybelle Kraft Carry-All Tote Bag!

At long last I am introducing my "Dream Child" to you. This is a bag that I have been planning in my mind for months. You must know that this bag is currently "Strapless" but we are working on that. The ones I sell WILL have straps! I won't put this onto my Loribelle Bags Blog page until I get that finished.

The story: when my friend Kathy saw one of the first tote bags I made, she immediately lifted it to see if it would go on her shoulder. It wouldn't. We ended up giving that to a child & it does go on HER shoulder. LOL! So, I made a mental note: make straps shoulder length. Then she said, "you know it needs to be wide enough to hold scrapbook paper." She is the Queen of Scrapbook paper. I know some of you have also told me you just love to have scrapbook/designer paper, so you can relate to her concern. Kathy had given me this great little bag that will hold a standard 12" paper cutter along with some ink pads & smaller sized items. I loved the concept it had with multiple compartments. I just wished that it would also hold paper and a few larger items.

I had a few other thoughts of my own to add. For several years I have been hauling my stamping stuff to & from different places. Some days it's been McDonald's where I could sit, stamp and color while my kids played. When we go to my mother-in-law's house I often take my supplies to work on. Then there have been times I would have enjoyed going to a friend's house to stamp. I've done it a time or two, but the thought of loading it all up & having to unpack it all to find anything to use just didn't make it much fun. So I decided a tote needed to be available that could REALLY hold what I needed and not take forever to find it.

This is what I wanted in addition to the above things:
*place for ink pads
*place for my personal stuff so I could leave my purse behind
*place for my cell phone so I could easily reach it
*place for my Scor-Pal
*place for other little components of stamping.

My dear "Dork Sisters" had one word that was most important in a bag: POCKETS. That's what I needed for this bag to do all I want it to do.

HERE is a guided tour of the new Kathybelle Kraft Carry-All Tote Bag. I need to measure this bag, but it is a BIG BAG!
This is one side of the outside. The pocket extends nearly the full width of the bag and has a zipper so you can put all those purse supplies into this pocket.

The other side of the outside has 2 large slip pockets. As you can see I can fit 2 different types of stamp sets in these pockets.
One side of the outside has a pocket for your cell phone.

The other end has a water bottle pocket.

Now the real fun begins with the inside!

This side has 2 long slip pockets. One is large enough for a paper cutter. The 2 smaller slip pockets are just right for ink pads.

This side has a pocket big enough for a Scor-Pal! There are 4 pockets big enough for ink pads or even small stamp sets. Below are more ideas for what to put in these pockets.

This end of the inside has 2 slip pockets. I found they are large enough for a fairly large punch. These could be made to fit your specific punch sizes or other tools. I put a jar of flowers in the top pocket.
In this model, I made one long slip pocket. I discovered it was perfect for my heat tool. This could be made with 2 short pockets instead.

I think the only item I cannot put in my bag in my Big Kick, IF I have the bag loaded with other items. I think I could put even the Big Kick in if the bag were empty.

In this model, I used a canvas fabric for the exterior and some pockets and cotton solids for the lining and borders. I used a VERY heavy interfacing so this bag is VERY sturdy.

This bag is going to start at $50 and will be a CUSTOM ORDER BAG. That means you can choose the fabric, pocket sizes, number of pockets, etc. I can make this a quilted bag for an additional charge.

I will be making add-on bags to go with this for other items (such as markers), so look for those to come.

I will be post this to my Loribelle Bag Blog and my Etsy site as soon as I get the straps attached. Until then, I would love to hear your feedback. I also will take orders for this bag now, but will not be starting those for at least 2 weeks.

Thank you for stopping by!


BethH said...

Oh, Lori! This is fantastic! I love it! Soooo cute! It's just perfect. Really a great job! I'm so proud of you....what a great bag!

Miss Iowa said...

A gal could run away from home with this bag. :)

Karen Lynn said...

Great job, Lori, on your brain child! I hope you get lots of orders!

Carolina said...

A W E S O M E bag Lori!!

Grace said...

Lori, this is an awesome bag and fantastic idea. I love it. You are just so creative!!

One Picky Family said...

Terrific job!!!

Davis Family said...

I am trying to decide what color I want to order one in...