Saturday, November 7, 2009

You make me smile!

My friend Lisa Lara gave me this Making Faces Smile blog award. She makes me smile, too! We both tried out for the Guest Designer spot at Clear Dollar Stamps and I am so proud of her for now being a full time design team member with CDS!

Now I am supposed to tell 5 things about myself you may not know and then pass this along to 5 others. Since I have so many friends who make me smile, especially my Dork Sisters & BCBW buddies, I will just choose 5 randomly & they can share with others.

What don't you know about me? hmmmm.

1. My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe on both feet.

2. I did not have an epidural when I gave birth the first time (and subsequently asked for one at my first appointment the second time).

3. When I was a baby & toddler we had a dachshund named Ralphie that liked to be in my playpen with me.

4. I have scoliosis & wore a back brace for several years in junior high (before it became sophisticated & renamed Middle School) and early high school.

5. I have eaten croak-a-deal (pronounced by us as crocodile). It was fatty.

And my random numbers (yes, I really did use for this!), I mean friends, are:

1. Beth
2. Karen Lynn
3. Wendy
4. Miss I
5. Emily

Their names are linked to a blog, except Miss I's whose is linked to her amazing gallery!

Have a happy smiley day!


peggysue said...

Cute award! And wow, crocodile . . . thanks for the warning, I don't think I"ll be interested in trying it.

Miss Iowa said...

WOW! I'm in the top 5?!??!?!!