Sunday, November 29, 2009

What happens when you have craft fairs?

If you read my blog a few months ago you might have seen the picture of my semi-organized craft room. Then I started sewing. And painting. And stamping. And cutting paper and fabric and zippers, oh, my! I wanted to make some cards last week, so I had to move the sewing machine (my mom's machine is back, woo-hoo!) to the floor (in the picture above). And THIS is what happens when you have a whirlwind of craft fairs and birthdays and anniversaries.

My niece & her hubby celebrated their 2nd anniversary last week. They like to cook together, so I made them some oven mitts & pot pinchers to match their eggplant & moss colored kitchen.

My nephew & his wife celebrate their 5th anniversary in just a few days. I didn't get a picture of the glass ornament I made with a picture of them on their wedding & this fall, with baby. This is the card I made for them.

My niece-in-law's sister got married this weekend. This is the card I made for her & her new hubby. I CASE'd (copied) the idea from someone on Splitcoast, but I'll need to go find it to give her credit. It made a neat black & white card!

I plan to sew like crazy this week to get ready for a craft fair on Saturday. No paper stuff (since most of mine hasn't sold yet, I still am set on that stuff). After that I will sew Natalie's Christmas dress, a skirt she's been waiting on & maybe I can stamp! Woo-hoo! Oh, I guess I'll be cleaning the craft room, too! LOL!

Blog Candy winner will be announced tomorrow!

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ashjoy said...

Why clean it just gets all messed up again LOL. Of course I'm a bit of a neat freak and have to clean after each project. It doesn't help that my craft room is open to the living room so everybody knows what I've been up to and if I don't clean it.